Web Hosting made easy!

Welcome to Dreamlands Design.uk.


We cater for people who want an easy and quick Website, without all the fuss of writing complex code.  We specialise in WordPress Hosting and SMF Forum Hosting.

We will take you through the process from Buying the Domain Name of your choice through to Installing WordPress and if required helping you with the initial setup of your site and forum.

Prices start from £100 for a Basic Hosting and Install package, which includes 12 months Hosting on our SSD server.

We will Purchase your chosen Domain Name, create the Database to run your Website from and Install the software for you.

All you need to do is upload the Images and Write the Content you want on your Website!


If you don’t need it, we won’t try and sell it to you!

We like to keep things simple, if you just want a basic site and have minimal needs, that is all we will give you.

Most people do not need or want all the Bells and Whistles.  They just want a presence Online, that works, is reliable and can be updated and used without fuss.


Simple 12 Month Contract.

Domain Names are usually purchased for 2 Years at a time.

If you no longer wish to run your site after 12 months, we won’t tie you down to paying for the Second year!

We prefer to give Customers a Year to see if their Website is a good fit.  Sometimes you don’t have the time to work on them as much as you’d like or need, other times the idea for the Website just doesn’t work out.  In these cases many hosts have already charged you for 2 Years of service or you are bound to a Contract for that Second year.  Or the other way other Hosting companies work is running on a Monthly Billed Contract, this can work out very expensive and more often than not; you are again obliged to a fixed term of months.

Our view is, if you like it, you’ll keep it.

This is why we offer a cheap and easy start up to get the taste for owning and running a Website, then if you like it at the 12 Month point, we will renew your Hosting and you pay for a Service you already know is good!  Simple.