Over 10 years providing simple hosting.

Dreamlands Design was established over 10 years ago, solely based in the UK.

As a Company we have always favoured working with smaller sites and establishing new Websites rather than looking for larger Corporate presences.

Simply because we enjoy helping first time owners onto the Internet and it is more beneficial working with the Websites of tomorrow rather than working with the ones of Yesterday.

We’ve always offered reliable hosting and services tailored to users needs, rather than offering bundled packages full of things people do not need or want.


During our early days we offered bespoke tailored Website Design back in the heady days when hand coded sites were mostly all you could have unless you wanted to spend a small fortune having sites design from scratch in Flash etc.  This required high levels of technical know how and often made getting a Website a fairly hefty financial commitment.  Even still, we built many sites for Clients under budget and made a name for ourselves for doing so.


Sign of the times.

Due to the restrictions of hand coding sites or going all out and using Flash, we were always on the look out for user friendly means to build sites and more importantly, edit them or add content in the fastest and least frustrating ways.  With the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS), we took one look at what was coming and saw the wave of the future.  It appealed to our ethos of simple and friendly Website management, our initial tests with selected Clients went well, so we decided to make the bold leap at the time to drop building Websites by hand in code and move over to the new platform.

We have not looked back since and are happy to still offer a great service, that is value for money and friendly.  A small team doing good things and enjoying what we do as much as we ever did.